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Norfolk Estate Wood Pigeon Hunting


Brief Description

 A good acreage of rape and other crop fields.

Wood-pigeon. Unlimited birds 

Hunting day rate single gun £150, 2-3 guns £135, 4-8 guns £120 full guided day Includes all decoy equipment full guided service and daily search and find the birds feeding service.


Hunt service day rate £95.00 to suit those with there own equipment we put you out in a proven place which has feeding or had feeding birds flighting into, would suit experienced UK based pigeon hunters we do not guide on this type of pigeon shooting. 

Luton airport closest £200 collect return up to 4 persons

Need insurance and copy of certificate if overseas visitor

Brief Description

A good acreage of rape and other crop fields.

Hunt cost during day  £120 6-8 guns £135 4-5 guns -£150.00  2-3 guns 1 gun £200. DIY £95.00 a gun 



Itinerary for the hunt

Guide will collect you from hotel you may have to move around to different locations during the day.

Shotgun Hire – yes  £30.00 per day, Insurance - £20.00, Gun Permit £40.00

Lunch - £10.00