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Inverness North East, Scotland | large bag Wood Pigeon Hunting



Inverness   ( North East Scotland)

Brief description

Lovely ground with excellent mixed crops 

Hunt cost during day  £120-150.00 per day  depending on how many guns. Gun Hire £35 a day Insurance £20.00 fly into Inverness or Aberdeen aiport / hire car only we do not pick up. B&B £65.00 per night - up to 8 guns only minimum 2 guns.  Gun permits are £40 each gun we need at least 7 weeks lead time to ensure we get them in time also a copy of your European Fire arms Pass is required to get a UK permit.



Itinerary for the hunt

Guide will collect you from hotel you may have to move around to different locations during the day.

Shells £7.99 x 25

Unlimited birds

We do not collect airport car hire only.

Budget £50 return per person


Bed and breakfast accommodation £65 Dinner Bed and breakfast.

Packed lunch from £10.00