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Hereford Wood Pigeon Hunting


Brief Description

A good acreage of rape and other crop fields. In stunning surroundings Mixed crops such as maize and Peas Beans etc,  nearest Airport Liverpool or Manchester.

Hunt cost during day  £120 -£125.00


Wood-pigeon, Rabbit, Deer stalking by arrangement

Itinerary for the hunt

Guide will collect you from hotel you may have to move around to different locations during the day.

Shotgun Hire – yes  £30.00 per day

Permits £30 6 weeks lead time required

Shells £7.99 x 25

Unlimited birds

We can collect airport POA.

Budget £45 return per person


Bed and breakfast accommodation £50.00 to £65 Quality Dinner Bed and breakfast.

Packed lunch from £6.50-£10.00