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Fife, Scotland | Wood Pigeon Hunting

Fife 1 hour Edinburgh - Scotland

Expect to use 700 plus shells over 3 days in this pigeon paradise with regular 100 plus bags per gun is normal.  Low cost accommodation or expensive its your choice but budget £35-45 the lower end bed and breakfast, hotel DBB from £110.00 per person per night.

Day rate £200 per person per day includes B&B accommodation, basic evening dinner, (supplementary cost for certain meals) pick up and drop of from hotel or B&B accommodation daily. All guiding decoys etc.

Pick up drop of airport £150.00 pick up drop of 1 person, 2-4 persons £150.00

Inc: guide and decoy kit. Shells at cost shotgun hire available £30 a gun

Permits £30.00 

Need insurance and copy of certificate if overseas visitor

Fife near Edinburgh

Brief Description

Around 35 miles from Edinburgh Airport hunting over various crops with guide, we supply camo nets, and decoys.

Hunt cost during day  £120-£130.00



Itinerary for the hunt

Guide will collect you from hotel you may have to move around to different locations during the day.

Shotgun Hire – No

Shells £7.99 x 25

Unlimited birds

We can collect airport POA.

£150 return up to 4 persons


Bed and breakfast accommodation included

Packed lunch from £6.50-£10.00